A Brief List of Projects

Our current list of projects include increasing the growing space of our garden, putting in a raised bed off of the back deck, building a chicken coop, potting room/sun room, a walipini, a herb spiral, and fencing our property and sewage lagoon.

Our current growing area, three 4’x4′ boxes.

The setup at the moment for the garden growing space is three 16 square foot boxes made from cedar boards. I want to at least quadruple that space before the next growing season, which begins about the end of March around here in earnest. My plan for that is an intense soil improvement regimen which I will cover in a post all of its own, since that is a big topic.

The back porch where we want to put the raised bed with the location for the herb spiral marked by a brush pile.

For the raised bed off of the back deck, we plan on using cinder blocks to build the wall for it, then fill with dirt. I plan on putting a lattice up to grow some vining flowers and vegetables. I plan on using the openings of the cinder blocks to grow some trap plants, some marigolds, and possibly some root vegetables if the holes are deep enough.

We want a couple of different set ups for the chickens, both a couple of tractors and a dedicated permanent coop. For the tractors I am thinking an A-frame plan I found online. For the permanent coop I want to have space included to store the bedding, feed, and such. I suspect that there will be at least a couple of posts on the building of the chicken tractors and coops when those projects get started.

The door to the right is the one we want to add a potting room/sun room to.

Our front has two doors, a sliding glass door that we use frequently, and the “front” door that barely gets used. I was looking at it the other day and decided it would be perfect for a space to plant and grow seedlings before the last frost of the spring and for overwintering plants, if we just built onto it, given it is southern facing and already has a concrete pad. Our plans include making the pad larger so we can have a little sitting area in the middle of the plants.

A walipini, for those who don’t know (which included me until recently) is a greenhouse dug into the earth. It has a sloped roof that allows sunlight in and retains heat (usually made out boards and transparent or slightly opaque plastic) and rammed earth sides and floor. It makes use of the earth’s ability to moderate temperatures. You can expect to hear more about that when we get to it!

We have a spot picked out for the herb spiral and just need to get to building it. Near the kitchen, it will provide us with fresh herbs and some herbs to dry for through the winter. I am hoping to have it ready for next spring, made with stones with the center of the spiral being the tallest point. It allows herbs to grow in different micro-climates in a compact area and gives more control of growing conditions.

For the fencing, we have some ideas of what we want and how to achieve it. Our plans include a fruiting hedge, a stone wall, and a screen of large bushes to small trees. We want to remove the barbed wire fencing along the front of the property and replace it with a fruiting hedge. For the lagoon, we are going utilitarian, just a simple cow panel fence, most likely.

It will be a lot of work, but I think we can accomplish it. It’s just good to have all of this written down.  Until next time!


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